Harmsco Carbon Cartridge 1.5 GPM | HAC-10-W  

  • Harmsco Carbon Cartridge 1.5 GPM | HAC-10-W

Harmsco HAC-10-LR-W Carbon Lead Removal Cartridge 5 Micron

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Dual-stage Carbon Cartridges for Taste, Odor, Chlorine and Lead Reduction

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Lead Removal and Performance

Harmsco’s activated carbon cartridges outperform “canister” and “impregnated” types of cartridges due to their increased carbon content, cellulose-free construction,
wet molding process and dual-stage construction. They have been tested by a certified national laboratory using test procedures described in NSF Standards 42
and 53.
Harmsco’s HAC-10-LR-W lead removal cartridges employ the use of a specially formulated ceramic lead removal matrix plus pulverized activated carbon to
reduce lead concentrations up to 99% with very short contact time. The “ATS”™ adsorbent material works well in hard water and in the presence of iron and
manganese. Performance is relatively unaffected by pH. They have been tested using the test protocol described in NSF Standard 53 and certified by an
independent laboratory. The test results shown below indicate our HAC-10-LR-W lead removal cartridge will effectively reduce lead concentrations up to 99%
for 4,000 gallons of low pH water and up to 92% for 3,000 gallons of high pH water.

Dual-stage Carbon Cartridges for Taste, Odor, Chlorine and Lead Reduction

  • High chlorine reduction
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Increased contaminant removal
  • No release of carbon fines
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • No channeling or bypass


  • 100% coconut shell carbon
  • Made from polyolefin filter media
  • Dual stage depth filtration
  • Heat fused inner layer
  • 5-micron nominal filtration
  • FDA approved components
  • Radial flow design
  • Available in a variety of sizes and flow rates


  • Commercial Drinking Water
  • Marine /Aquatic Filtration
  • Food & Beverage Filtration
  • Industrial Water Filtration
  • Point of Entry Residential Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
  • Water Bottling Filtration
  • Science / Laboratory

Filter Media: Composite of pulverized activated carbon Temperature Limit: 160˚F (71˚C) and polyolefin fibers bonded together with wet molding process and thermally bonded to eliminate channeling and media migration

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